Rigaud is well known for their ski hill which has one of the best children’s ski school programs in Quebec. Most activities in the town, whether it is the many kilometres of hiking trails, rock climbing, the highflying walks in the treetop at Abraska or the Warzone Paintball, revolve around the mountain. The festival of Colours in the autumn draws people from all over Montreal. It is truly area is beautiful, bordering on the Ottawa River and backed by the mountain.

There is strong religious history in the town, Sanctuaire Notre-Dame- de-Lourdes a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary can be found tucked away on the mountain. The mountain is also home to an unusual, natural rock garden known as the "champs de patates", so named because of the local legend that it was once a potato field, turned to stone by God because the farmer worked on Sunday. College Bourget, now an excellent French Private School was founded and run by the Monks up until recently.

Also located in Rigaud is the training center for the Canada Border Services Agency, which is an added plus to putting a smile on a Custom Agents face when they see your home address while going through customs at airports across Canada!

The base of the mountain is scattered with rolling farmland and a local farmers market supports many of the towns organic growers.

On the side of the mountain is a wooded residential development called Mountain Ranches featuring large secluded building lots that draws residents for its tranquility and quick access to the highway. The centre of Rigaud caterers to young families with smaller homes and many parks.

There is no longer an active train service in Rigaud however a local bus system RTM which provides transportation from Rigaud to Vaudreuil-Dorion train station.

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