The Ellerbeck’s have always been big believers in giving back to the community

In 1977 Janet initiated an in-house auction at a Christmas office party at her office. They raised $200 that year with the proceeds going to the Hudson Firemen’s Christmas Basket Fund. With the help of the other brokers each year the event continued to grow. When Tania joined forces with Janet they decided to take the occasion to a new level and rented the local Village Theatre for the auction. The merchants of the area became involved donating prizes and the local citizens offered gifts. In its new home the auction has become Hudson’s Holiday Season Opening Event. Over the years the auction has raised close to $400,000 which is used by the Firemen to assist an average of 50 families each year at Christmas and provide support throughout the year where needed.

In 2009 after a trip to England, Janet realized that Hudson needed a second-hand charity shop so she opened one! She teamed up with the local division of NOVA, which is a charitable group that gives home care to the sick or infirm. La Boutique NOVA has flourished becoming ‘the place’ to shop in the Village! ‘I got it at NOVA’ can be heard at many events around town. There are over 40 volunteers helping at the store. Tania is the resident photographer and runs the social media site for the boutique.

The store now holds an annual fashion show modeling second hand clothes from the boutique. Most people would be surprised to know that over $100,000 is raised each year selling the gently used clothes! There are now 4 nurses on staff at NOVA Hudson helping people in the local communities get through difficult times. The store has been so successful that a second store, Maison NOVA, specializing in furniture and collectables opened in January 2018. La Boutique NOVA is located at 455 Main Road, Hudson and Maison NOVA is at 538 Main Road, Hudson. Donations are always welcomed and appreciated!

Tania can be seen putting her auctioneer training to work at many of the area charity auctions. She has help raise funds for the Nichoir, The St Mary’s Church, NOVA Hudson just to mention a few. For the last few years Janet and Tania have also been involved in collection bras to raising funds for Breast Cancer.

If they can help out, they will! Pay it Forward!